Uncaged Blood

Uncaged Blood

Dimitris Spiridakis knows he didn’t kill his wife and children. But he was convicted, and now he’ll spend the rest of his life with the drug pushers, rapists, and murderers of St. Anne’s State Penitentiary.

That is, until he meets someone more dangerous than any human monster.

An immortal killer has lurked inside St. Anne’s since the Civil War, struggling against the hexes that keep him from leaving. He approaches Dimitris with an offer: help him get his freedom, and he’ll tell Dimitris the truth about what happened to his family. But neither of them realize what chaos their actions will unleash.

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The Wizard laughed, a dry, bitter sound. “Me and Edwin McHenry go way back. He’s the only one who’s been in this prison longer than me. That’s why they call him the Old Man.”

“That was the Old Man?” Dimitris reeled. Luis had described the Old Man as a monster or a ghost. Not a congenial fellow dressed like a janitor. “But…” He groped through the thousand objections that crowded at the front of his thoughts, and seized the most mundane. “But he didn’t look any older than me.”

“And his face hasn’t aged one day since I first saw him forty years ago. I once saw a photo taken the day they brought him here, and he didn’t look a lick different then, either. The date on the back of the photo was 1907. These days most folks don’t see his face, much. When he feeds, he does it sly.”

“When he… feeds.” His mind disgorged a grotesque image of blood and spiders and whatever else Edwin fed on. The Wizard nodded solemnly. “I suppose I should feel lucky, then,” Dimitris choked out.

“No, not lucky. That’s why I came down. You need to stay away from Edwin McHenry.”