Bibliotheca Fantastica

Bibliotheca Fantastica is now available from Dagan Books, including a story by yours truly titled “The Typographer’s Folly”.

For the curious, this is the story which prompted A Florilegium of Rejection Notes. I have only had the chance to read about a third of the other stories in the anthology, and I look forward to the rest. Hope you like it—

So… here’s something embarrassing. Due to certain calendaristic confusions, I had the date of Easter wrong. Most people here in the U.S. celebrate the Protestant/Catholic Easter, which of course was last Sunday. My wife and I do celebrate that date with our friends and family, but we make our primary religious observation of the feast on the Orthodox date, which falls a week later. However, I didn’t realize until late last week that Orthodox and Catholic Easter don’t fall on the same date this year—I misread my calendar, and was confused by the fact that Lent began on the same week under both calendars.

So now it’s Holy Week (again), but I already used that excuse for not blogging once. However, rather than try to beg off (again), I will simply make a brief announcement:

My story The Typographer’s Folly was just accepted for the Bibliotheca Fantastica anthology from Dagan Books. The release date for the anthology hasn’t been announced yet, but expect further news as the publication approaches.