The torrential rains have died down to a patter, and the thunder has finally drifted off into the west. Up above, the sun may finally be peeking through the churning clouds. Yes, the Storm Bride blog tour is winding down, with our last two stops both occurring today:

Lilaina Osborne has a very nice review up at On Writing.

The Indie View has an interview with me which includes some interesting discussion of the historical antecedents of the events in Storm Bride.

And that’s all. The storm is over. You can come out now and enjoy the sun.

Alas! Alack! I am two days late to properly commemorate the true start of the tour, but nonetheless: the Storm Bride blog tour has begun, which features a whole pile of blogs with reviews of Storm Bride and guest posts by yours truly. So far, we have visited the following:

How to write a blind character in one easy step over at Mary Fan’s “Zig Zag Timeline”.

A meditation on parenthood and transformation at Big Al’s Books and Pals.

An interview with Keshlik at Long and Short Reviews.

I’ll be updating periodically throughout the tour with links and other announcements. Enjoy!