So it’s been a while since I posted anything substantial here. The reason? Most of my blogging-style effort has been going to Twitter, where I can pontificate and tweak noses and post links in convenient 140-character chunks. With Twitter scratching my itch for off-the-cuff social sharing, the blog has mostly gotten the leftovers and elements too long for Twitter. Which I haven’t had many of lately.

I guess this is my way of saying that it you want to follow me more closely, you should get on Twitter.

However, I do have a series of posts coming up for Lent. Since Orthodox Lent has just started (it’s much later that the Latin Lent which nearly everyone else follows this year), I’m going to do a series called “A Writer’s Lent”, taking some of the verses from the Prayer of St. Ephraim and applying them to a writer’s vocation. Although I’m using a prayer to structure my ruminations, the actual content of this series isn’t religious at all, so don’t let that keep you away.

Also, I have two happy announcements to make sometime in the next few days.