The new cover for Storm Bride is ready.

Just below.




Storm Bride, J.S. Bangs - Small

I love it.

I also thing it’s a significant upgrade over the previous cover, which was this:

Storm Bride cover
Storm Bride, available Winter 2014

But the real question is when will the book be out?

December. Not far off. I’ll let you know.

Storm Bride cover
Storm Bride, available Winter 2014

And it looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

There are other projects in the works, as well. Gears are turning, spells are being brewed, warp engines are spooling, monsters are being summoned. I have a lot of material related to this book that I’m preparing to release over the next months, so watch this space.

I just got cover of my forthcoming horror novella from the publisher.

Cover for <i>The Taint</i>

I really love the lettering in the title. The graveyard is not precisely as I pictured it (the tomstones should really be wooden crosses), but given the limitations of stock photography, I’m more than happy to live with it.

Publication is expected in August, my editor tells me. More news forthcoming.