Woo! My story The Lion and the Thorn Tree is currently up at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly! Here’s a teaser:

My husband’s voice came through the door of our house in the night. It was a ghost voice, muddled with the baying of wild dogs, and so I knew he was dead. I was four months pregnant.

So here’s the first of two publication announcements: my story The Lion and the Thorn Tree will soon be appearing in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. The story should appear in the spring edition, coming out at the beginning of April.

This sale is a lesson in not auto-rejecting yourself. I wasn’t sure that this story was really a good fit for Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, given that it features an early industrial tech level and a pregnant female protagonist. It seemed pretty dissimilar from the sword-and-sorcery that’s the usual fare at HFQ. But, I reasoned with myself, they do publish a wide gamut of stories within the guidelines of their genre, and I shouldn’t assume that the editors are unwilling to take something a little less usual. So I sent it in.

And of course they accepted it.

Look for the story in April!