This was neat! I did an interview with my local radio station, a recording of which is available right here:

It was a lot of fun. The interviewer had actually read some things off of my website, which I found slightly astonishing, and we had a good talk. He said afterwards that he was hoping to get a copy of the book himself!

On Friday I had a very nice interview with a reporter from our local paper. He was a young guy, with an interest in fantasy and science fiction, and I felt like things went swimmingly.

Me, reading a book during our interview.Here’s the article itself, which I am very happy with. He managed to cover linguistics, my genre reading habits, where the story came from, and the specific inspirations from this story in a relatively short space, and I thought it reflected really well on the book.

And of course it publicizes very well for a reading I’ll be having at the local indie bookstore in about two weeks. Nice!

So I’ve been interviewed for the first time in my life as a professional writer. (Cue sound of trumpets and champagne glasses tinkling.) Unfortunately for your monolingual English speakers (and you polyglots without the knowledge of glorious Dacia), the interview was conducted in Romanian, and is only available at Societatea Română de Science-Fiction şi Fantasy.

Here’s a link to the interview itself
And here’s a related post at the blog of Cristian Tamaş, who led the interview.

If there is sufficient demand, I suppose I could translate myself back in English… but maybe I appreciate the mystique.