Now that the contracts are in the mail, I feel like it’s time to announce it: The Taint has been accepted for publication by Lyrical Press! Here’s the teaser that I included in my query, for the interested:

St. Anne’s State Penitentiary is home to of all sorts of monsters: drug pushers, rapists, pedophiles—and Dimitris Spiridakis, convicted of slaughtering his wife and children. He insists he didn’t do it. But with no memory of the event and a plethora of evidence against him, he has no hope of ever going free again.

Until he meets other, more dangerous monsters.

First Dimitris meets the Wizard, a voodoo-practicing inmate that runs the prison from within. The Wizard carries on a feud with Edwin McHenry, an immortal killer who’s been lurking in the prison since the Civil War. Dimitris sees his opportunity. He plays Edwin and the Wizard against each other to discover the truth about what happened to his family, then sets about securing his freedom. But he doesn’t realize the chaos his actions will unleash.

It’ll be a while before the book is up for sale, even at the accelerated pace of e-publishing, so expect updates on the process here.

Ha! The dark fantasy/horror/vampire/zombie/voodoo novella is FINISHED. With the first draft. It 27K words, and was some of the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time. Now, admire my wordle:

I find that wordle kind of upsetting. The name of my protag hugely overweighs everything else, and “said” is so prominent. Too much dialogue? Oh, well. It’s a first draft: much grooming to do yet.