The torrential rains have died down to a patter, and the thunder has finally drifted off into the west. Up above, the sun may finally be peeking through the churning clouds. Yes, the Storm Bride blog tour is winding down, with our last two stops both occurring today:

Lilaina Osborne has a very nice review up at On Writing.

The Indie View has an interview with me which includes some interesting discussion of the historical antecedents of the events in Storm Bride.

And that’s all. The storm is over. You can come out now and enjoy the sun.

That ominous rumbling you hear overhead means that it’s time for another Storm Tour update. This week, we unleashed torrential rains and terrifying blasts of lightning on three more bloggers around the web:

Over at Kelly Smith Reviews we have a very nice review and interview, including Facts About Me that you might not have known.

JeanzBookReadNReview has another promotional blast.

And finally, a thorough review at Illuminite Caluginosus.

The storm finally seems to be abating, but the tour will continue for one more week! (And there will be more reviews after that, never fear.)

The Storm Tour continues! This week the storm blew through three more places, wreaking havoc and destruction as it went.

The Gal in the Blue Mask has posted a review of Storm Bride and an interview with me.

Darusha Wehm has another interview with me, using a completely different set of questions.

And finally, another review over at Big Al’s.

Once again, I apologize to all people negatively affected by the flooding, lightning, hail, and earthquakes associated with the Storm Tour. You may address your complaints to the Powers, not that they ever listen.