This may be one of the best science fiction short stories in the form of a music video that I’ve ever seen. It’s got everything!

Androids? Check.
Outlandish costumes? Check.
Social commentary? Check.
Awesome dance moves? Check.

The only thing I can’t figure out is why the future cops arrest the umbrella-wielding vampire (I think that’s a vampire, anyway) in the middle of the show. (Yes, this really happens. If your reaction to the phrase “umbrella-wielding vampire” is OMG AWESOME, then you’ll like the video.)

I’ve embedded it below, but you might do yourself a favor and click through to get the high-definition version.

HT: Eve Tushnet.

So here I am, writing a scene where two people chat while making a fishing net. And I thinks to myself, “How do you make a fishing net? How can I describe their actions in a convincing fashion? I know! I’ll ask the Internet!”

And what does the Internet show me but this:

Thanks, Internet! You’re the best!