Rejection #5 and #6

Strange Horizons doesn’t want Lights on the Horizon, and Matt Bialer doesn’t want An Inheritance of Stars. Tough to get two of those in the same day.

The book goes to Colleen Lindsay next, I think. I haven’t decided the next place for Lights, since at 650 words it’s too long for Ideomancer and too short for Clarkesworld. Apex and Abyss, maybe, or one of the smaller flash mags.

UPDATE: Sent Lights to Flash Fiction Online, and Inheritance to La Gringa. Is it a bad idea to publicize your submissions this way? Hmmm…


  1. Hey, I haven’t thought about your blog in a while so I checked it out. I see that you’ve re-arranged the furniture a little. Keep sending out the stories! I’ve heard that most every author gets a substantial amount of “no’s” before someone says “yes.” So hang on to the letters and when you’re famous you can mail them back to piss them off, or just sit contently behind your desk and look at them in their nice, expensive frames hanging on the wall.

  2. That would have to be a very long wall!

    Hi Jesse!

    Nice new blog. I’ll check back frequently. But wait. Are these really rejections 5 and 6? As in, only 5 and 6?

    Dude. Go buy more stamps.

    I’ve collected 12 rejections of Dunallon, so far. I think the other four agents lost it. I guess this is where we invest in our masochistic side: keep sending the buggers out and letting people turn us down. I figure I’ve got about 70 more to go.

    But you’re right. This is the year someone will bite. Every once in a while, I do something that I can sense the universe is paying attention to. And Things Happen. Writing is one of those things.

  3. There was a period about five years ago when I got serious about writing, and I gathered close to 20 rejections then on short stories. I reset the count because of the long hiatus. So yes, this is only rejection #5 for Inheritance, which is nothing. (To be fair, I only started submitting at the end of January, so I got these 5 in about a month.)

    And I have plenty of stamps, thank you very much :).

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