So this year I’m doing–or attempting to do–NaNoWriMo. Never done it before. I managed to finish my first novel without artificial deadlines pushing me along, but my second novel has been stalled for almost a year. I started one this spring, abandoned it about one-third of the way through, and haven’t written anything longer than a short story since. (Not that there’s anything wrong with shorts, but I’ve got books in my head, and they need getting out, too.)

So: NaNo. Today was day one, and I wrote in every spare moment and managed to churn out just shy of 4000 words. Woot! I only need 1667 words per day to win, so at this rate I’ll coast to an easy victory. I note with pride that only one person in my group of writing buddies is ahead of me at the moment, and after tomorrow I may be able to claim the lead.

(I’ll get one of those wordcount widgets up here soon, but the site is busy and slow today with all of the traffic, so it’ll have to wait for things to settle down.)

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