First Draft Celebration Party

So you remember my NaNoWriMo novel? The one I wrote approx 55K words of in under a month? The one whose count is still shown on the sidebar?

It’s DONE.

I put the last period on the first draft this afternoon. I had to spend a few minutes after that stitching some things together, as the last chapters had been written with drafts on two different computers, but that’s done, too. The version that I just saved is now officially Draft One. Celebration time!

Here’s what it looks like:

The Failed Apostle

Letters: 471,988
Words: 82,587
Pages (manuscript format): 378
First sentence: The dossier called him a difficult case.
Middle sentence: “I’ve never seen a device like this one.”
Last sentence: “We should move,” he said. “We got a long ways to go.”
People intentionally killed by the protagonist: one
Fictional animal species introduced: three
Stab wounds inflicted on major characters: four
Pages of tedious exposition that will be cut from the final draft: Oh, probably twenty or so
Pages of repetitive dialogue that will be cut from the final draft: At least ten
Most overused synonym for said: “whispered”
Most inexplicably popular adjective: “yellow”
Level of irritation with current draft: high
Required vacation time from writing before returning to revise: about a month

In the meantime, bottoms up!

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