Stories by Markov

So I wrote up a quick Markov chain text generator today and ran it across one of my WIPs. And boy, has it given me some beauties. Try this one on mor size;

The buyers laughed again. Her fingertips brushed Haris’s cheek. I did too many, and see. The sun of ascetics caught him as he had lost a perilous amount of voices pattered around the ground. Then, it was Layra who broke in, with Chelen sprawled on the relation to her feet. You’re not coming up onto the lazy expectation that I won’t be afraid, but it required far more subtlety than a few moments he was because I hear. He had more things to do. Chelen had been nearly all of some kind of tiny shrine, as a bull kash. Everyone in medicine after that. But she asked Sezu, he was destroyed. But I _will_ come. And the entire bowl of clean water lay him down first one to Haris said. I’ve never once had been emptied, don’t know the patter of wine waited on the floor. He waited, Haris. She stood now. Maybe he spied a large black shape moving behind them.

I’m struck by the fear that this is substantially more interesting than my actual story.

Here’s one more:

Your scope, unchastened by his exile, even after that I’ll have no sense-

I’m sorry. I don’t care. I’m not damaged as he had been reading, but what’s hard for that part. You’re right after all happen? Certainly not because he didn’t actually understand.

The gang that he spoke he turned away and shoulder. Haris had grown along the summits of the table. Did you want? Not if he stretched—but the area near the Hesychian patrimony to every side stood grim men watching and growled. I found enough for her, you despite.


Do you. Follow me-


You sound like an awl, but he spied the carriage door with mumbling fingers skated across the table. No, Deva said, while four more sureness and they were clothes heaped at random. No, united in heavy blue vest.

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  1. “Your scope, unchastened by his exile, even after that I’ll have no sense-”

    I’ll be thinking about that line for a while before I fully understand, but, man, it’s so true….

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