1. I located your blog via the swivet. I was interested in what you said about manuscript word count. I was turned down recently due to my word cound on an MG. You stated on there that your word count isn’t correct within the processor, and you had a 10K difference. Can you explain how you can locate the actual word count??

    Thanks so much.

    1. The traditional way of calculating wordcount is to lay out your story in standard manuscript format and then multiply the number of pages by 250. However, more and more I hear agents saying that they don’t really care how you count words, so it may be less important than you think.

  2. Thanks…just frustrated I guess..all my time put into it and memberships with writing group…never did I see the word count as that big of an issue, as I found many of the same counts matching ariticles form writing magazines.
    I did the multiply thing and wow, so short.

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