Fait accompli

We’ve bought a house.

The last four days have lasted approximately 3.7 million years, as my wife and I have done all of the following:

  • Closed on the house
  • moved in
  • gotten most of the utilities turned on
  • been informed that the gas (and thereby the heat) can’t be turned on until Monday
  • discovered that in this part of the country the first of May is an excellent time for a snowstorm
  • spent a few nights at Grandma’s due to said snowstorm in conjunction with lack of heat
  • bought a new wireless router
  • bought what seems like an absurd amount of food
  • planned how to redecorate the house
  • replanned how to decorate the house after a few minutes thought revealed the problems with our first plan
  • discovered a Trapdoor of Mystery in the floor of the upstairs bedroom
  • (I can’t tell you where the Trapdoor of Mystery goes, because then it wouldn’t be a mystery)
  • drove all over this town and the next on roads made icy by the snowstorm, and
  • slept, but not much.

I’m very tired, and now I’m going to bed.

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