NaNo checkin #1: The glorious dawn

First week of NaNoWriMo, and I’m doing great.

Granted, my goal is modest. I have slated to finish four short stories this month, which is a significant step up from my normal writing pace, but still quite a bit less than the normal 50,000 words. That said, things have gone swimmingly so far.

Week 1’s project was The Heresy Trial of Friar Travolo, which is now complete at 4,000 words. There is another scene of about 500 words that I’ve omitted because to finish it requires some research that I haven’t finished yet. However, it looks like I may have time to do this at the end of the month, since I’m a little ahead of schedule.

Week 2’s story is Mr. Yamaguchi’s Late-Night Janitorial and Demon-Hunting Service, which is about 2/3 complete, at about 2,000 words. I expect to finish it in a day or two, which means by the end of the week I should be started on Week 3’s story There Is No Such Place As Canada. This puts me well ahead of schedule for the month, and makes me feel confident for actually getting all four done on time.

Also! I’m told there is some sort of election today. And since I’ve been saying it all day to anyone who will listen, you really should vote for no one.

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