NaNo Checkin #3: The End Is Near

So I changed plans (again). As a result of falling sick the week before Thanksgiving and the usual holiday madness, I fell significantly behind on getting my last story done. Even more difficult, though I made some progress in discovering what my planned story was about, I still didn’t have an actual plot, or a main character. That’s no way to operate when you’re under pressure for NaNoWriMo.

So I moved the goal posts again, and pulled out one of my unfinished drafts, this time for a story called George and Mr. Drake (an adaptation of the legend of St. George and the Dragon). And I got it finished! So now I’ve met my goal of finishing four short story first drafts.

Throws a little party.

I didn’t meet the word-count requirements of NaNo, of course, but that was never really an option. I met my self-imposed goal.

But there are still three days left, and a little story idea has wormed its way into my brain. It’s called What Yuri Gagarin Saw. I think it’s a flash fiction piece, only about a thousand words long, so it’s easily completable before the end of the month. This’ll be my bonus story, and I’m gonna get it done.

That’s why this update is short. I have writing to do.

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