Novel sold!

So here’s my big announcement: my fantasy novel The Wedding of Earth and Sky has been sold to Red Adept Publishing, and will appear sometime in 2014.

I’m really excited about this. Red Adept is a small press with a focus on ebooks and audiobooks, and I’ve been very impressed by the quality of their product and the professionalism of their editorial staff. Here’s hoping for big things.


  1. Is there any way it would be possible to order it into the UK?
    I’ve discovered your site and blog today, with the articles on Romania and Romanians, which I am really glad to have read. Also, just scrolled a bit down couple of your stories and liked what I saw. But it’s very late and I need to get some sleep as I work tomorrow.
    It’s probably not important at all, but I am also a writer, former journalist and teacher in Romania, currently support worker in the UK, and recently started to work on a fantasy/sci-fi novel. Just the first very few pages really. But this makes me even more interested in reading your writings.

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