Out with the old, in with…

You may have noticed that The Taint is no longer shown on my sidebar, and is no longer for sale at Lyrical Press. A few days ago Lyrical Press offered to revert the rights to me, and I accepted their offer.

The reasons for their offer and my acceptance were pretty simple: The Taint wasn’t selling very well, and we both thought it was a good idea to try something else. Shortly after The Taint was originally bought Lyrical Press decided to stop buying SFF and horror and concentrate solely on their romance and erotica lines, which means that The Taint was stuck in kind of an odd place with regards to their overall focus. The Taint may actually have been the last non-romance title that Lyrical bought, and it suffered as a result. So when they offered to revert the rights to me, it seemed like a good decision. It was a very amicable separation, and I really have nothing but praise for the professionalism and consideration with which Lyrical handled the whole situation.

The good news is that this gives me a great opportunity to experiment with self-publishing. I have nothing to lose, really: The Taint has already been published traditionally, so there’s nothing to lose by seeing if it can do better self-published. It’ll be a few weeks before that happens, as I have to make a new cover image (rights to the original are owned by Lyrical), and I hope to come up with a better title. But watch this space. I’m going to have fun seeing how this goes.

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